What is Pure Energy Healing?

Pure Energy Healing technique helps people heal their body, mind and spirit by bringing a charge of positive vibration; elevating their spiritual growth; finding their passion; living life with gratitude; peace; happiness and an overall perspective of positivity.

As a Pure Energy Healer, I assist my client to transform lower vibration to higher by clearing away negative vibrations and heightening the positive energy. I step aside and create the space for the healing and facilitates the flow of universal energy. The source energy transfers to my client who receives a gift of healing themselves.

My personal healing journey began January 2014. I’ve had countless energy healings, shadow work done, energy attunements in Reiki, crystal healing, light language transmission, to name a few. I have over nine years of working full time with supplements, essential oils, holistic alternative healing supplements, homeopathic remedies. I’ve been helping friends, and family with energy healing over 7 years. I’m honored to now help the public.

Most recently, I completed the Pure Energy Healing Academy course. I am a certified Pure Energy Healer. I decided to offer the teachings of my mentor Mark Bajerksi: www.markbajerski.com founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy and Lella Satie founder of Lemon House: www.lemonhouse.com and director, instructor of the Pure Energy Healing Academy.

In honor of my parents Gail and Richard who both passed away from stage 4 colon cancer.

I wish everyone love and light!!! Good Vibes Only!!! Light workers unite!!!

Frequently Asked Questions